M-fins Courier Point - M-fins Courier Point

M-fins Courier Point

As a M-fins courier partner, you will get access to M-fins shipping solutions for consumers. You will be M-fins booking point to cater to the consumers courier needs. Base rates excluding GST for all regions/zones will be given, to which you may add your desired profit margin as you deem fit. We also provide additional support to our partner network by providing them with information about popular demand centers around partner booking points. These demand centers include educational institutions, tech parks, corporate offices and housing complexes from where partners can generate volume using marketing material provided by M-fins.

How Does M-fins Courier Point Works?

It is a seamless and swift process where delivery personnel of M-fins Courier Point will book parcels as well deliver parcel to the customer's doorstep.


You will require the following to start your Courier Point:

  • No additional place/space required, The agent can work from his/her existing place/shop
  • PC / Laptop with Printer and Internet connectivity

Our Authorized Partners

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